This old, old, house

Notice the front porch on this old farmhouse, no visible means of support.

Notice the front porch on this old farmhouse. It is a miracle of unintended cantilever construction with no visible means of support, since the porch and porch supports, like the last residents, have long since departed the scene.

When I first saw this old house northeast of Parkdale, Arkansas, I recalled an old fifties song , written by Stuart Hamblen, “This Old House.” The song was allegedly inspired during a hunting trip with legendary actor, John Wayne. Believe it or not, the version of the song performed by Rosemary Clooney garnered the number one slot on the Billboard chart. This story started on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot com. To see a more pictures of the house and get in on the start of the story, click here.


The west room: Decorated with a door on the floor and multiple remnant layers of wallpaper.

This old house is typical of farm employee residences furnished by the farm owner. It shows evidence of a number of residents, at least, if the number of wallpaper layers are any indication.


The east room: Lots of natural ventilation with native materials and roofing iron decor.

Divided into four rooms, the house is simple with few amenities past basic shelter. One of the chimneys probably vented a kitchen stove and the other a pot bellied wood heater.  One had to tip toe through the tulips, dandelions or whatever was in the yard for personal relief in an outhouse. In that part of the country, depending on the time of the year, slapping “skeeters” all the way was part of the trip.

And at Ladelle, Arkansas, another victim of the times, Deals Grocery. The store stands as a monument to simpler times.

Deals Grocery, Ladelle, Arkansas.

Deals Grocery, Ladelle, Arkansas.

We rejoice that our residences are not comparable with the ole farmhouse. We bemoan the departure of neighborhood stores. And life goes on.

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3 Responses

  1. I usually use Corndancer to setup the story here; but this may be the first time where the reverse happened. No … I still read Corndancer first, but it seemed to provide all the answers to questions here.

    Although you didn’t mention lunch, I’m sure your stomach didn’t get bypassed on this day!

  2. Frank, I got a late start yesterday, so I munched on some convenience store fish on the move. Nothing spectacular, but satisfies ones urge to ingest fish.
    It was about 0300 when I finally finished the articles and pictures and that may be the root cause of the role reversal.

  3. […] The photos of the sharecropper house, the abandoned farmhouse, and the restored shotgun house were taken from Joe Dempsey’s Weekly Crist for the Eyes and Mind posts at: […]

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