Bloomin’ community


My neighbor advised me as to the name of these pansies which I promptly forgot since they reminded me of Yosemite Sam. So as far as I'm concerned, these are Yosemite Sam Pansies.

Spring, even as late as it is has been coming to full force this year, is a colorful event in our neighborhood. Every home has blooming azaleas in the front yard. But one person, my neighbor across the street, whose azaleas are the largest and most prolific of the aggregation, does not stop at that. A master gardener, her premises is her canvas. Her husband plays a willing and supporting role.

The story of this storied premises started on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer Dot Com, where you will find pictures of Chinese Orchids and a few flowery comments which eventually turn a bit acerbic. Click here to go there.

Thank the Lord above for people like my neighbors. People like them take up the slack for people like me. To me, acupuncture administered with knitting needles sounds like more fun than yard work. Or give me a flat tire to change any day of the week. I am a firm subscriber to the old adage, “… don’t mess with mother nature.”


This azalea, much taller than my mere 6'-3" frame, is the current crowning glory of the neighbors front yard. There are other plants and bushes, but this is the top of the pecking order.

Tall azalea

Azaleas, despite my callous disregard for their well being, do pretty well in my yard. I'm certain it is the acidic soil which azaleas like. This one was here when I bought the house more than 24 years ago. It is a hardy thing. This one posie appears to be more than eight feet in the air.

climbing rose

Back to the neighbors back yard. This is a climbing rose has attached itself to a brick wall.

dlimbing rose

Jutting out about five feet or so from the aforementioned brick wall, this flower was waving in the wind on its thorny tendril as I attempted to shoot it. Finally got lucky, with this exposure.

pansies in a pot

Back to the Yosemite Sam pansies. The pot of pansies here reminds one of a basket of puppies saying "take me home."

And finally, another sure sign of spring are small-town spring festivals. The picture below is from “Star Daze,” in Star City, Arkansas, the first in these parts. The folks there do a good job of organizing the event. It continues to grow and draw good crowds.

ferris wheel

In this end of the world, funnel cakes despite their non-health food status are far preferable to funnel clouds.

But wait, there’s more

See a high resolution gallery of the photos we’ve included this week on Corndancer and Weekly Grist, plus one that did not get published on either site. These are higher quality than what you see on here. Click here to go there.

This week, we let the pictures do the talking for the most part.
Thanks for dropping by,
Joe Dempsey,
Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind


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