Lucille turns 100


Nina Hunt and Lucille Montgomery cut the cake

Nina Hunt, (left) administrator of Whispering Knoll Assisted Living where Lucille Montgomery (second from left), is a resident, provides a helping hand to Lucille as she cuts the ceremonial first piece of her 100th birthday cake. Onlookers are all smiles. Montgomery was born October 3, 1910 in Roe, Arkansas, the third of five children. A legion of friends, family, fellow residents, staff, and media attended the event. It was the hottest ticket in town.


At 100 years old, Lucille Montgomery does not look the part. And, according to her daughter, Wilma Mitchell, ” . . . she (Lucille) is sharp as a tack.” Lucille’s family abounds. She has four children, nine grandchildren, 20 great-grand children, and as of September 30, one brand new great-great granddaughter, Lucy Lynn Houston. I found Wilma Mitchell’s observations regarding her mother’s acuity to be correct. Lucille must eat razor soup on a regular basis. She accepted stardom well Friday, October 1, 2010 during her 100th birthday party at Whispering Knoll Assisted Living in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, where she is a resident.

This story had a bang-up beginning on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer. Click here to go there and see more pictures of Lucille and her family. We’ll patiently wait here.


Norma Reeves and Lucille Montgomery enjoy a laugh

Norma Reeves and Lucille Montgomery enjoy a laugh after the presentation phase of Lucille's birthday party. Residents of Whispering Knoll Assisted Living consider themselves family and it shows here. Norma is the president of the facility resident council. She propels herself around the premises in a power chair and has been tagged with the nickname, "Mustang Sally."


There was no small list of well wishers and/or their designated representatives, including the president and first lady of the United States who sent their best wishes to Lucille. Other congratulatory proclamations and messages were send by Senators Blanche Lincoln and Mark Pryor; Congressman Mike Ross; Jefferson County Judge, Mike Holcomb; Carl Redus, Mayor of Pine Bluff, and last but not least, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger of California. Lucille’s granddaughter, Tammy Greer from Moore Park California pulled that one off with aplomb.


Harriet Montgomery and her mother-in-law, Lucille Montgomery

Harriet Montgomery and her mother-in-law, Lucille Montgomery. Lucille's daughter, Wilma is in the background. Lucille's family came from Arkansas, Texas and California to be with her.


With all of the attendant hoopla and fuss of a 100th birthday, Lucille Montgomery remained her demure and dignified self. She obviously enjoyed the company, particularly the presence of her family. She kept her cool and gave us all a good lesson on how to be 100 years old with grace and dignity. Chances are good that not many of us will use this lesson in actuality, so we have this rare opportunity to see how it is done properly. In parlance not of her times, she is way cool.


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2 Responses

  1. This assignment seems easier than trekking through the woods … and you probably got free cake to boot.

    Two descriptions struck me …. grace and dignity … sharp as a tack … both are wonderful.

    Happy Birthday Lucille!

  2. Yes Frank, I did not have to deal with chiggers and snakes on this one. The issues were different. When you set up a quick shot and all of a sudden a butt appears in the view finder, you have to contort a bit to get the shot. But since we live in an imperfect world, there are always the little complexities. And yessir, the cake was great.
    Good to hear from you,

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