Living in the Arkansas Hills

new house with sold sign

My friend, Barry Noll has just locked his new energy efficient home after we gave it a shooting.

The good news is one of my best friends and his wife have bought a new house. The bad news is, it is in Rogers, Arkansas, some 267 miles removed from my domicile, as opposed to the current 20 mile distance. It was with mixed emotions that I agreed to photograph the new home, when Barry Noll and his wife Barbara Freeman made the request.

tunnel picture

See the tunnel picture

Fulfillment of that request precipitated a story and a bevy of pictures including a 70 mph shot of a tunnel entrance.

Before we go forward may I suggest that you go to the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot com and get in on the start of this story and see the tunnel picture. We’ll wait here while you peruse. Click here to go there, a cool thing to do.

The new house has stratospherically high ceilings in the great room and kitchen which are adjacent. I suppose that is a good perceptual space multiplier. Both feel like big rooms so I guess the idea worked on me. A work island is in the middle of the kitchen. At my domicile that name would quickly  transmogrify to “catch-all.”

kitchen in new house

The kitchen has a towering ceiling and is well lit. The dining room is in the background.

The back porch, ah-er, deck is a good 20 feet off mother earth and stretches across most of the back of the house. Access to the deck is through the great room and from the master bed room. The view from the deck includes Beaver Lake and surrounding residences.

deck with lake view

The view from the deck is just downright cool.

The short winter days make for an abbreviated shooting schedule. So we packed our stuff and headed south, back to LA (lower Arkansas). For our parting shot, we offer the image below, from LA.

lone tree in field

This lone tree in a ready-to-harvest soybean field near Cornerstone, Arkansas continues to peak my interest. There's got to be a story there. I am still looking fot it.



See more pictures

Every week we shoot more keeper pictures than we have room to publish. Our solution is to publish a weekly pictures only gallery with all of the weekly pictures from Corndancer and Weekly Grist . . . and all of the keepers we did not publish. This week, see some more deck and kitchen shots, the master bedroom and a couple of the comfort station. Click here to go there. The pictures are bigger.

Thanks for dropping by,

Thanks for dropping by,

Joe Dempsey
Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind


One Response

  1. Sorry to hear that a good friend is moving some distance away. I’m sure the memories are good, but it’s tough to replace the real thing.

    What a beautiful home! Love the kitchen. We want to move to a ranch, but gotta sell ours first. We ain’t gettin’ stuck with two homes.

    Glad I read Corndancer because I though you took the tunnel shot while driving! 🙂

    Good luck Barry.

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