White Oak Mountain road and a bit more

Fall foliage in late afternoon White Oak Mountain

Descending White Oak Mountain, I happened across this break in the treeline just at the right time. Just after a down-hill hairpin curve, the scene sneaks up on you. It is late afternoon and the sun is just right.

Tree on White Oak Mountain

Click on the tree to see more of White Oak Mountain

With fall foliage, timing is everything and changing leaves are no respecters of available weekend time for interlopers to observe these fickle leaves’ spectacular displays. However the Almighty was smiling my way on this trip. Initially, I doubted these favors as I grumbled to myself under an oppressive overcast. When the overhanging clouds dissolved the muted fall foliage sprang to life. Find out more and get in on the start of this story on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot-com. We’ll wait here while you check it out.

Small mountain stream

Though White Oak Mountain was my ultimate destination for the day, there were other photo-ops to see including a nice mountain stream. Though a bit dry due to our rain deficit, it was nonetheless a pleasant view. Lingering greens and early fall colors are nice.

Overlook of Greers Ferry Lake

I started the trip to White Oak Mountain in Heber Springs, Arkansas, which sits next to Greers Ferry Lake. The way to White Oak is via Arkansas Highway 16, one of the best scenic drives in the region. A pull-off area north of Greers Ferry (the town, not the lake), affords this view.

East approach to Greers Ferry Dam

I took a stroll across Greers Ferry Dam to shoot down stream. This shot is from the east approach to the dam, looking west. Traffic is limited to one lane on part of the dam to accommodate maintenance.

“They” are performing maintenance on Greers Ferry Dam which necessitates sending traffic in one lane. Slower moving traffic afforded me the opprotunity to become a pedestrian on the dam side walk and shoot downstream, something you want to see but something at which you are are reluctant to take a glimpse while driving.

downstream on the Little Red River below Greers Ferry Dam

Looking down stream on the Little Red River from the top of Greers Ferry Dam.

Greers Ferry Dam

And for my friends who say I don't give a dam, here one is: Greer's Ferry Dam, shot from the observation deck on the east side of the structure. John F. Kennedy dedicated the dam from this spot a week before he was assassinated.

Thanks for dropping by,

Joe Dempsey
Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind


4 Responses

  1. Nice shots Joe. There is plenty to see & do in this area. One site that is a primo photo op is at Collins Creek – it is very close to the GF dam.

  2. Images of a lone tree stir many of thoughts – yet different for each of us. Beautiful fall pics Joe!

  3. Wonderful pictures and story Joe. Wish I could have been there!!

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