The Cross Tree Revisited

The Cross Tree

Click on the tree for the original Weekly Grist story and pictures.

The Cross Tree revisited

A story worth retelling
at Christmas

In cold blustery Delta winds on Saturday, December 21, 2008, I stumbled across a lone cedar tree standing at the edge of a cultivated farm field west of Dumas, Arkansas. At the foot of the tree I found artifacts which appear to be remnants from a former home place. Knowing that Delta farmers are not prone to waste a square foot of arable land, I figured there had to be a story behind the tree.

After a bit of exploration, I barged in on and was welcomed to a Christmas party, the host of which graciously solved the mystery. Though the story has its tragic components, it clearly demonstrates that the milk of human kindness is alive and well.

Read the story and see the full picture of the Cross Tree at Corndancer-dot-com. Click here to see the rest of the story and more pictures.

Click here for a picture-only gallery of The Cross Tree.

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Joe Dempsey
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