Yancopin again

Yancopin Arkansas River Bridge

Click on the bridge for the original pictures and story.

Back in October 2010, I headed south to shoot an old building near Watson, Arkansas. Once I arrived at Watson, my plans were changed. As a result, I eschewed the old building, which was being used as a residence anyway, in favor of Yancopin Bridge. The resulting pictures and story have been one of the most popular and most revisited posts at Weekly Grist.

So, we are taking a second look at the bridge and reminding ourselves that a change of plans is not necessarily a bad thing. And in many circumstances, as clearly illustrated by this set, may be better than our original intentions.

That says something for keeping an open mind for fortuitous turns: Soldiers call ’em targets of opportunity, salesmen call ’em bird nests on the ground. Yours truly calls it blind hog finds acorn (actually should be: “bline hawg fines akern.”) Click here and see the original post.

Thanks for dropping by,

Joe Dempsey
Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind

PS: For those of you who are interested, there are a couple of new pictures on our Photo Manipulation page.

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