Three rooms and a path again

old primitive house-barn combination

This skeleton was once a barn/residence combination under one roof. Fortunately, a breeze way separated the critters from the family. It is probably the most primitive structure I have discovered in my ramblings.

Four years ago, in the boondocks near Scotland, Arkansas, I rounded a curve on a remote gravel road and found this amazing structure. It was easy to tell that it was once a home and a barn under one roof. It did not take much imagination to figure out that life was tough if you lived there.

Find out more in our original post from October 10, 2008. Also be sure and check out our original story on this place at Corndancer dot-com. We will have a new story for you next week. In the meantime, I believe you will enjoy looking at this unique structure.

By the way, for what it’s worth, this is the 200th Weekly Grist post.  We also have a new picture on our Photo Manipulation page; seems a couple of women tried to come between a couple of guys. I fixed it painlessly.


Joe Dempsey
Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind

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