Enhanced chance

Mountain stream in shadows reflecting sun lit foliage

For a few minutes, this pool in a small stream crossing Tiger B Road in rural Cleburne County, Arkansas was shimmering in the brilliant light of a late October setting sun. Finding it was a happy accident, enhanced by sticking one’s nose in an area where it might happen.

My dear friend and world-class photographer W.L. “Pat” Patterson has a pat (heh-heh) answer for those who lay eyes on his fine images and fling a question at him something like this — “How do you get pictures like that?”  — He quickly retorts, “Oh, just be there and about f8.” He reveals this advice in the correct order. The first thing you have to do is be there.

After spending an afternoon driving all over the Arkansas countryside to the south and east of Heber Springs, Arkansas, I was inching into the “golden hour” when the sun dips low in the west and coats everything it can see with a gossamer film of well, gold. I needed one more good shot and took Cleburne County Road “Tiger B,” hoping for the best. (I haven’t a clue how they came up with that name). The map showed it to be twisty and hilly, both of which portend well for late afternoon photo-ops.

Toward the end of my trip on the road, there it was. A pool in a small stream in a shadow, reflecting the foliage behind it which was in the bright sunlight. Visually delicious. And that, my dear friends, is the sum and substance of Weekly Grist this week. (it’s been a long-long day). Bottom line, I followed Pat’s advice again and it worked again.

Highway 110 Bridge over The Little Red River at Heber Springs, Arkansas

Click to see more of the bridge and mountain

Earlier in the day, I shot the Arkansas Highway 110 Bridge over the Little Red River at Heber Springs — No hunting required, drive down the highway and there it is. Instant scenery.

Go there and see what belongs on a postcard with your very eyes, or see more of the bridge and mountain on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot-com. While the trip is worth it, clicking on the link can save airfare and/or gas — and a wad of time.

Joe Dempsey
Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind