There goes the neighborhood again

collapsing house

I made this shot in May, 2010, so I believe we can safely assume the old house has lost it’s struggle with gravity and has taken the big dive. Click on the picture for the original post.

For reasons I have yet to decipher, the original “There goes the neighborhood” post of May 2, 2010 is the second most re-visited article at Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind, so I’m sending you back to that post this week.  The subject is a collapsing house which I’m certain has now made the final dive — along with some storm shots from a disturbance that cropped up while I was on the trip. Click here for the original post.

As I listened to storm reports on the radio, I heard the words you do not want to hear, informing me that the brunt of the action was headed in the direction of my home. A quick call home allayed my worst fears. All was fine.

Home place tree

See more on this story, click the tree.

The story started when I spotted a “Home-place” tree — a tree left standing when humans abandon a home and the elements later dispatch the structure. You can find that story and a couple of pictures on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot-com.

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