Bowing out

scaffolding in sunset

Sunset behind the Arts and Science Center for Southeast Arkansas, under construction in the early nineties. The scaffold stands beside the incomplete theater fly gallery

Call this a truncated Weekly Grist. Not exactly a one-trick pony, but a one-picture epistle. 2013 is about to auger in, and it will be good to welcome a new year with new opportunities and possibilities. How we recognize these sometime subtle findings and what we do with them will be fodder for thought about this time next year, just as our stumblings for past 12 months are now up for review.

The picture above was a “stumble-on.” I drove by, said “Ho-ooly Mack’l,” stopped and shot it. The image portrays The Arts and Science Center for Southeast Arkansas here in Pine Bluff, under construction. The scaffolding stands next to the center’s incomoplete theater fly gallery. Shot in the early 90s on Fujichrome. (That’s film, you know: The stuff that comes in the little cans).

sunset over saracen lake

Click on the sunset to see the big picture.

See another amazing local sunset on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot com. The picture you’ll see is the result of a 30-mile chase. I saw a thunderstorm developing late in the day which usually portends well for sunset shots. Every time I stopped and set up, the storm changed directions. The chase ended at Saracen Lake (at that time, Lake Pine Bluff).

And so dear friends, (corny music in the background), as the sun sets behind the construction, we wave bye-bye to 2012.

Happy New Year,

Joe Dempsey
Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind


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