A corny story revisited

southeast arkansas granary

Corn flows freely at a huge granary in southeast Arkansas in
August 2011. The heat is stifling as has been for weeks. Click on the picture for the original post.

The year 2011 was as dry as a powder house here in LA (lower Arkansas). 2012 was a slight improvement, but nothing to write home about.

Our favorite ponds are still below normal. We have high hopes for 2013. In the meantime, this week we are sending you back to our post of August 8, 2011, at the one of the several “heights” of our misery.

After I did the 2011 “dry” shots, of all things, we finally got a decent rain. Though the rain was as welcome as spring after winter and gave us some relief, it was unfortunately no where decent enough to fulfill our fondest dreams and bring us back to normal.

Wet jasmine leaves

Click the leaves to see the wet version of this story.

What the rain storm did do was afford the opportunity to photograph the results of rain. So that week I wrote about opposing forces on the Corndancer and Weekly Grist. One wet. One dry.

See the wet version on the August 08, 2011 Corndancer Photo of the Week page.

See all of our wet/dry pictures in our Weekly Grist gallery. You’ll see the pictures in our post plus several others that are not published elsewhere.

January 26, 2013 update: The lonely camellia

We watch our outside-the-kitchen-window camellia like a hawk during cold months, wondering when the fickle plant will decide to bloom. Last year, we waited until the first of March. This year, the first bloom was fully opened by January 20. Normally after the first bloom opens, the rest follow like they were belt fed. Not so thisĀ  year. A week later we still have but the one lonely bloom. Here are three looks at the bloom:

Red camellia bloom with rain drops.

Red camellia bloom with rain drops.

Closeup of red camellia with rain drops

Same song, second verse.

Camellia bush with red bloom and rain drops

Same song, third verse

Click here to see our original camellia story and pictures from 2009.

Joe Dempsey

Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind.


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