Something new, something old — one mo’ time

Old unoccupied store and filling station

Click on the old service station to see our original post with this old store and station, plus a few more aged structures.

This week we are sending you back to New Edinburg, Arkansas in December 2010 to see an old store and filling station, and a few of it’s well-aged neighbors in what was once a bustling community.

New Edinburg is still a nice place. It’s just a lot quieter now. I got lucky. A friend who just happens to be the local historian  gave me the two-bit tour laced with tidbits of inside information as we traipsed through the town.

restored frame hotel

Click to see the restored Clement Hotel

Winter and fall were off schedule then as you can tell with the still fully-leaved trees in some of the pictures. Click here to see our original post. Be sure and click on the Weekly Grist Gallery link at the bottom of the original post page. It will send you to a gallery with detailed pictures of the old store and some of its neighbors.

Our original target for the trip was the Clement Hotel, a recently restored (at the time) two-story frame structure. The owners did most of the work and they did it well. You can see the old hotel and more on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot com.

Joe Dempsey

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