Still standing versus: Being a goner

Having stopped everything to watch the Superbowl yesterday, we are late and truncated this week.

Old barn north of Pine Bluiff Arkansas

This old barn a mile or so north of the Arkansas River, north of my home town, Pine Bluff, Arkansas still stands, but with a slight list to port. It is in it’s winter mode so you can get a better look at details of building. Once the vines flesh out in warmer months, this view is gone.

Old barn south of Pine Bluff Arkansas

Click the pic to see the barn that’s gone.

At our sister web site, Corndancer dot-com, this week we take a final look at a never-to-be-seen-again barn. It’s a goner. Flat as a pancake. To present the other side of the picture, here at Weekly Grist, we give you a glimpse of  two barns still standing.

The old barn above was on a cotton farm, so you can be sure it held it’s share of mules and hay. I can’t vouch for the provenance of the aging structure but I’m guessing it first saw the light of day not much later than the early twentieth century at the latest. I’m guessing the structure is in the neighborhood 35 feet tall, give or take a standard deviation or two. It stands tall today.

Down south of town, you’ll  find another old structure, not nearly as big, nor as old. Nevertheless, it has the well seasoned grayish cast that barn lovers treasure, so we’ll just call it an old barn regardless of its former purpose in life.

Old barn south of Pine Bluff AR

This barn, pales in size to the one above, but still passes muster in old barn coolness.

A parting shot

Gin City, Arkansas

In a former life, I would have probably stopped in this hamlet to determine the accuracy of its moniker. Those of you who know me best understand perfectly.

Joe Dempsey

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