The gandeur is gone

Click on the old house to see our original post.

Click on the old house to see our original post.

When I first saw this huge domicile at  Tucker, Arkansas in the early sixties, it was still “nice.” I say “nice” as opposed “top of the food chain” which it once was. Now it is a crumbling, shell of its former self, far beyond redemption.

I shot this picture in November of 2009. I saw the house a month or so ago and the exponential rate of deterioration had not abated. It is crashing headlong to becoming a pile of scrap lumber and miscellaneous other expended building materials.

Pecan tree tunnel

Click the pic to see the pecan tree tunnel

Read more about this trip on our original post which included some restored rail cars, an old store, a neat growth of cypress with a highway splitting it in half, and my beloved pick-up attached by a chain to a big tractor. I was being rescued from a mishap due to my dumb navigation by people I had never seen before in my life. As we say in the south, “bless their hearts.” I also recommend you going to the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot-come to see a fine pecan tree tunnel.

The old house is a victim of the historical merry-go-round which started spinning faster and faster. In the end the old structure could no longer hold on with what it had to offer and it was jettisoned from the main stream as a useless relic. Lest we bemoan this fate, remember the same ignominy was summarily dealt to typewriters, record players, 8-tracks, cassette decks, discotheques and gas less than a dollar a gallon. Despite these passings, we seem to have survived.

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