Star Daze 2013

Child dragon ride at carnival

As opposed to Moloch, this monster accepts children for mild-mannered fun. After all, it’s not every day you can take a ride in the belly of a dragon.

During the warmer months, a lot of cities and towns in LA conduct festivals, I surmise, because they are convinced it is the right thing to do. “Star Daze,” in Star City, Arkansas is the first one, held normally in one of the last weeks of April. The Star City folks are rolling the dice with cold and/or rainy weather, but so far, they have won the roll for the most part. This year a bad storm came through the Thursday before the Festival started Friday. If anything, it whetted the appetite of festival goers, because they turned out in droves.

Old Cypress Methodist Church

Click on the church for pix and story.

Before we go too much further, see what we came across earlier in the day about forty miles or so to the northwest: a well preserved, 127-year-old-house-of-worship, Old Cypress Methodist Church. According to the sign on the church, it dates back to 1886.

We are a bit mystified by the name, since it sits in the Piney Hills, not the cypress lands of the Delta. The grounds include a well-tended cemetery and a I got a half-way decent shot of the interior through the window. See the Photo of the Week Page at Corndancer dot-com for the pictures and story.

children in dragon ride at star daze festival

The dragon’s brother, sister, and/or cousin provides smiles for more children.

Shooting at festivals is fun because that’s the whole idea and most of the attendees buy into that concept.  With many of these articles, I attempt to include a deeper meaning or some redeeming values, but this one has only one purpose: to show people having fun.

band performing at Star Daze

A band, the name of which escapes me, is loudly spewing rock-a-billy with a soul flair to a large crowd. The lead singer’s tune at this point assured the crowd that he was “country,” in the lyrics.

crazy plane ride

The Crazy Plane flies a closed loop and is not affected by the current FAA cutbacks. Is it crazy because the wings look backward?

Couple rides om Scrambler

The “Scrambler” attracts a teen age audience who appreciate a cheap thrill.

Girls riding scrambler

More Scrambler riders one of which is either camera shy or can’t stand the site of whirling real estate.

Three people riding the 'scrambler" at star daze

The guy in the center is hollering “take my picture.” He got his way.

Yellow rubber ducks at Star Daze.

Rubber Ducks swim in a circle offering prizes and awaiting selection. The takes were few and far between.

Star Daze midway

The midway was lively late Saturday afternoon and more people were arriving than leaving. A measure of success, one presumes.

Occasionally, it is balm for the being to do something just for fun. If that is true, a lot of souls were slathered with good at Star Daze, including yours truly.

Joe Dempsey

Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind.


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