Magnetic musical glue

Guitarist at music on main in Pine Bluff Arkansas

The guitarist for the Brooks Family Band performing at Music on Main in Pine Bluff, Arkansas shows unbridled enthusiasm and neck popping emotion during the concert. Though the look is menacing, he is a man of good humor putting on a good performance. In the background, the image of John Rust, a legendary inventor and manufacturer of agricultural equipment, looks on from a mural.

The evening of August 30, 2013, four bands entertained an appreciative audience at Music on Main in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. Despite prognostications of oppressive heat and humidity, conditions were moderate.

The music was anything but moderate. Excellent musicians fed an appreciative audience what they came for: fine entertainment in a friendly outdoor environment.

drummer in fron of Jefferson County Court House

Click on the drummer for more pix and a story of the concert.

If you appreciate being surrounded by like minded individuals, enjoy foot tapping, and savor the aroma of barbeque while listening to live music, this was the place to be on that evening. Call it musical magnetic glue, a special attraction and connection.

If you felt like leaving your chair to show your moves to the music, that was OK too. You can get more information and see more pictures of the concert and the audience on the Photo of the Week Page at Corndancer dot-com.

Dave Sadler, blues guitarist and vocalist.

Dave Sadler, a local architect was next up after the Brooks Family Band. During the week, he follows the path of Frank Lloyd Wright. On weekends, he leans toward Buddy Guy and Evel Knieval as he rides a Harley Davidson and plays — and sings some fine blues. Not simultaneously.

Children at concert

I shot the concert from my seat and on foot as I wandered around the site. After one such wandering, I returned to find the young lady above in my seat. I politely asked her to move and she politely moved with a smile. As a reward for exemplary behavior, I held my camera for her while she put her eye to the viewfinder and clicked off a few exposures. Her brother wanted in on the action, so I did the same for him. I discovered later that these younguns are the grandchildren of a friend and former co-worker. Small world.

Older man shooting phone pictures

No concert is complete without attendant phone photographers and videographers. In this case, there’s an old dog doing a new trick. I know the feeling.

Vocalist on the street

This singer left her three-piece band on the trailer and joined the audience. She was energetic with lyrics, tunes, and rhythm. She moved among the audience and invited them to “get on their feet.” They accepted the invitation.

Audience street dancing

Get a load of audience participation from our street singer. She encouraged ’em to shake their respective booties, and shake ’em they did. Fun times!

When your feet are tapping and you are enjoying music and the atmosphere it creates, differences melt like an iceberg at the Equator. The trick is to take the results of the moment with you. So far, so good. Let the good times roll. Some more.

See 55 more pictures of the event in our Music on Main Gallery.

Thanks for dropping by,

Joe Dempsey

Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind.


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