A barn in a curve and a mountain cat house

red barn in curve

The barn in the curve south of Mountain View, Arkansas is a harbinger of things to come. Click on the barn to see our original November 2011 post.

Though living in the Delta for 50 years has all but altered my genetic code, there are yet some lingering threads of mountain DNA struggling to influence my appreciation for higher country.

These lofty threads were winning the battle the last week of November 2011 as we returned to the Delta from a Thanksgiving gathering in Mountain View, Arkansas. As I approached a gravel road I had traveled before, the urge to turn overwhelmed the urge to go straight. Frequently following these urges bears visual fruit and prosaic ammunition. Check out our original December 4, 2011 Weekly Grist post and see the details, including the cat below.

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Click on the cat for our original Corndancer picture and story

Finding a mountain cat house

Down the road, catching a few rays next to a crumbling country house, we found a big ol’ cat with blue eyes. Since the cat showed come calico, we know it was a she. She was curious, but wary. Wanted to see us. But did not want us to touch or get too close. I suppose that’s why she has grown and survived. See a picture of her majesty and the old house she calls home on the Photo of the Week Page at Corndancer.com.

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