Oh deer!

Four point white tail buck at Petit Jean Mountain

This fine young buck was the most cooperative critter on the face of God’s green earth for a few minutes October 25, 2013.

Sometimes fortune follows a foul-up and October 25 was one of those days. Earlier in the day, while photographing a reunion of the class of 1956 of Fort Smith Senior High School (now known as “North Side),” I entertained my classmates and their spousal units by meeting the surface of Petit Jean Mountain with my person in full view of all. I can say without hesitation that, at the time, it smarted. Despite being red-faced and a tad sore, I discovered later that the damage went no further than skin deep.

After being patched up, I returned to my intended target area, a road running between the base of the mountain and the Arkansas River. There is no doubt the delay of getting a local doctor to patch up an abrasion set me up to see a fine four-point Whitetail buck grazing in a pasture beside the road.

Not only did he stay after I stopped, grabbed the “Kodak,” rolled the window down and started to shoot, he remained still while I changed to a longer lens. He apparently decided that since I was no threat, he would continue munching out on the rich grass of the pasture. On several occasions, I whistled at him to convince him to get his head out of his grass and look at me. When that stopping working, I revved the engine on the truck.  Finally, I bade farewell and proceeded down the road.

White tail buck deer at Petit Jean Mountain

I believe the deer finally became bored with my presence.

Barn roof on ground

Click on the barn roof and check out the story of a barn with no walls.

As I proceeded down the road, my luck continued. I found a barn roof on the ground, less an attached barn underneath. I document and illustrate this odd finding on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer Dot-Com. Go there and see this heretofore unseen phenomenon and learn how to deal with those things for which you cannot find an answer, and really don’t amount to a flip any way.

view from petit jean mountain

Some 11-hundred feet or so above the deer and me, the view from Petit Jean Mountain overlook was fine.

At the end of the day, I determined that a bit of bodily injury put me in the position to meet this buck. Early on in my career as a human being, I discovered that occasionally one must play in pain.  I have no complaints being the recipient of a camouflaged blessing —and to be truthful, the hurt from the crash was not that much.

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Thanks for dropping by,

Joe Dempsey
Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind


3 Responses

  1. Ouch. Hope the “wounds” are better.
    That deer, kind of him – couldn’t have posed better
    Love the barn descending!

  2. You suffered for your art! And so worth it for those of us who can enjoy!!

  3. […] I had time to make the trip to the subject road. Click here, or on the deer to see the original post with another picture of the deer and a neat mountain top […]

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