Pelicans do not take the day off

three white pelicans on saracen lake pine bluff ar

The pelicans in the foreground are telling us and their acquaintance that two is company and three is a crowd. They are enjoying a leisurely winter swim in Saracen Lake at Pine Bluff, Arkansas while most of their human compatriots are hunkered down in mortal fear of cold weather.

Here in LA, (lower Arkansas), prognostication of frozen precipitation and lowering temperatures triggers a mass movement of otherwise rational, but now terrified, citizenry to local food stores where they go through the milk and bread sections like hordes of rampaging barbarians. Meanwhile, the pelicans who visit us during winter months, go about their business of being pelicans with little concern about meteorological conditions. They apparently know something we don’t.

pelican in flight at saracen lake

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I observed this pelican weather disdain recently at Saracen Landing on Saracen Lake here in my fair city of Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

They were cavorting around the pavilion which gave me an opportunity to make a surreptitious approach and squeeze a few shots before they went into their predictable evacuation mode.

At this point, I am suggesting that you take a short trip to the Photo of the Week Page at Corndancer dot-com and see more pelican pictures and discover the roots of the story. We’ll wait here.

swimming pelicans on saracen lake

These big birds are forming up to do the good-bye swim. Were fortunate to get this close.

These pelicans are heeding the legendary Horace Greeley admonition, and heading west.

These pelicans are heeding the legendary Horace Greeley admonition, and heading west.

I suspect that in the wake of our recent spate of wintery conditions, sales of milk and bread will plummet since there are now enough privately held inventories to last for the foreseeable future. The pelicans could care less.

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