Falls and Nirvana redux

Three Springs Falls

Click on the falls to see our original 2011 post

After a hearty 2011 Thanksgiving meal at the Ozark Folk Center in Mountain View, Arkansas I answered the siren call of a waterfall site I had yet to explore. The target was “Three Springs Falls” in nearby Baxter County. With a full belly and thermos full of viscous coffee to ward off the after effects of the feast, I sallied forth through the hinterlands to find the falls.

Not far off the closest state highway, the falls are nestled in an unspoiled environment. The falls are 50 yards or so off the trail. After negotiating craggy rocks and a few wait-

Three Springs Falls

Click on the falls for more pictures and info.

a-minute vines, we find the falls and a substantially steep drop off. Suffice to say,  the distance to the bottom is far enough to make one exercise all due caution when approaching the edge to get a better angle.

This week, we are sending you back to our original November 2011 post to see what we found.  You can also find and see more of what we found on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot-com.

Joe Dempsey
Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind



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