Getting there is half the fun – again

Old Delta Share Cropper house

Click on the old sharecropper house for our original post


Way deep in the Delta

Back on July 17, 2011, acting on a good tip from a good friend, I sought out what I believed to be the photo-ready remnants of a former tenant / sharecropper house north of Lakeview, Arkansas. I was not disappointed.

The trip eschewed populated areas on roads that by-passed swamps and other natural barriers to traffic. Such forays will normally offer pregnant photo ops and this one held true. It’s like a drive-by shoot in the delicious depths of the Delta. (I hope the snoop police do not pick up on the aforementioned term).

Dead tree and sharecropper house

Click the pic for more pix and tales at Corndancer

You have to be there for the complete experience — which includes sweat, sounds, sightings, and skeeters — short of that, you will have to be satisfied with our  picture excursion.  For our original July 17, 2011 post, click here.

While you are there, you will be invited to click on our Weekly Grist Gallery where you will see 25 pictures from the trip. And be sure and  see our story of this downcast domicile on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot-com. See two more pix and read more about the building and the times of its occupancy.

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