Memories on Wheels redux

Vintage military vehicles au Go Go

Restored M38 A1 Jeep

If you were in the Army in the mid fifties to early sixties, you will recognize the inside of this M38A1 Jeep which was referred to as an “A1” to differentiate it from it’s predecessors. Click on the jeep to see our original September 2010 post that included this vehicle.

Back in September 2010, I attended an event which definitively proves that “boys will [continue] to be boys,” regardless of age. The difference is the size and cost of the toys.This we are sending you back to that story. It’s kind of an “udn, udn” thing.

In this case, the “toys” are vintage military vehicles subjected to pristine restoration with

restored WW II jeep

Click on the jeep to see more vintage military vehicle pictures at Corndancer dot com.

excellent results — representing no small investment — and I was there.  I attended a rally of the Arkansas Military Vehicle Preservation Association at Petit Jean State Park. Attendees from several states brought their persons and vehicles which made for a respectable collection of vintage hardware.

Activities included a jeep mounted blank-firing machine gun and a “convoy” around the park premises. Heady stuff for military history nuts. I must confess, I am infected and enjoyed every minute of it. The story actually started on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot-com where you will see the jeep mounted machine gun, a well restored WWII military Harley Davidson “Hog” and a lot more.

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