A rode hard and put up wet 46 Chevy truck

1946 Chevy promotes Po’-boys

1946 Chevrolet Pickup Truck

Despite its disheveled appearance, this 1946 Chevy truck is an attention getter for Monikas Po-Boys on US Highway 165 near Olla, Louisiana.

Tooling north of Olla, Louisiana, on U.S. Highway 165, I did a double take when I caught a glimpse of the bedraggled ’46 Chevy truck, Saturday afternoon, April 26, 2014. Despite the fact that it has obviously been “rode hard and put up wet” a few times too many, it still brings back a smile or two. My good friend, the late Bob Swilley, drove a 46 Chevy truck in high school and gave me plenty of rides when I would have had to walk otherwise.  The truck did not have a “syncro-mesh” transmission so it had to be double-clutched when Bob shifted gears.

Bob taught me the art of double-clutching in the old Chevy. He was patient, but winced a few times when we heard gears grinding against gears during my instructional classes. If we happened to land at his house around suppertime, I was expected to stay and join the evening repast. The reciprocal was true at the Dempsey household.

Click the pic to see this outlandishly decorated mobile home and others in the same litter at Corndancer dot-com

Click the pic to see this outlandishly decorated mobile home and others in the same litter at Corndancer dot-com

I started this trip on Friday leaving from Pine Bluff, headed to Woodworth, Louisiana to take care of some family business with my mother, brother, and sister-in-law. The trip is just a tad over five hours, by the most favored route. I took the less traveled seeking photographic and prosaic fodder for Weekly Grist and the Corndancer Photo of the Week. I struck the mother lode at McNeely, Louisiana where I found a sight for previously deprived eyes. Go to the Photo of the Week Page at Corndancer dot-com to see that about which I talk.

Unfortunately, it was late Saturday afternoon when I passed Monika’s Po-Boys and she was not open for business. Had she been, I would have visited her sandwich emporium and bought some nourishment.

1946 Chevy pickup

Although I did not get to bite into a Monika Po-Boy, if the sandwich was a good as her promo is cool, it woulda been fine.

1946 Chevy at Monikas Po Boys

A slightly different angle showing the establishment.

1946 Chevy truck

Whaddaya wanna bet that Monkia and family reside behind the establishment?

Yellow flower

I was parked on the highway shoulder shooting the truck pix when I noticed some fine yellow flowers. Too good to pass up.

Thanks for joining me on this trip.  I have high hopes that you finish this article with a smile on your face. If so, I have been successful.

Thanks for dropping by,

Joe Dempsey
Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind





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