Drive-by shots

Red Barn South of Hermitage, Arkansas

This red barn is just south of Hermitage, Arkansas on US Highway 63. As I was shooting, the owner drove up and gave me smiling dispensation to enter the barn premises, but by that time I was finished, so I thanked him and departed.

On my recent trip to the Felsenthal Breamfest, I made some mental notes (some detractors may challenge that ability), about what to shoot on the way back. I call these “drive-by shots,” since I do not have to leave the beaten path to capture the image. The first of these was a functioning red barn with a little age, but much. The best evidence of a barn in use is meadow muffin presence — and this barn yard was well equipped.

Round hay bales in field

This hay field north of Warren, Arkansas invited me to shoot on the way to the Felsenthal Breamfest. I accepted the offer on the return trip.

The second target was a field of round hay bales. Several years ago, shooting fields of round hay bales was all the rage, then for reasons unbeknown to me they fell from favor. I am making a meager attempt to rejuvenate the trend.

civil war cannon firing

Click on the cannon for the original plus more Memorial Day pix

Before we go much further, last weekend, I photographed a Memorial Day program. I went to shoot a flyover by the Black Pilots Association of America. I had intended to shoot the flyover and make tracks, but did a preference reset and stayed longer. To find out why, read my observations from the event and see a bunch of event pictures including the fire-belching cannon on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot-com. We’ll wait here until you leave.

Needing a few more images to round out a story, I sallied forth for more drive-by shots on my own turf, nearby LA (lower Arkansas). I was not dissapointed. Despite many trips, there is always something new or different.

Southeast Arkansas wheat field ready for harvest

When most people think of big wheat fields, they think of the midwest. This wheat field is in LA, north of Pine Bluff, Arkansas and looks bigger than some towns.

Wheat wannabe weed

In the ditch beside the wheat field, I found this little “wheat wannabe” weed. I do not have a clue what it is.

Old building on North McKinney Road

This old building on North McKinney Road, northwest of Sherrill, Arkansas is one of my favorite targets. It is hanging in there well.

Day lilly against dark background

This lonely lily is a photographer’s dream. It is strongly lit from the front with a dark background on the side, Hallelujah!

S.E. Tucker Store still stands, but just barely

The next three pictures won’t mean much to non-LA readers other than visual interest. What’s left of the old store at Tucker, Arkansas still stands. All the debris has been cleaned up. A person or persons unknown to me have done some professional work to stabilize the structure, so what’s left may be with us for a while. Take a gander.

SE Tucker store at Tucker Arkansas

The old store sports some new supports for the front porch, otherwise the porch roof would be hugging Mother Earth. View from Southwest to Northeast.

SE Tucker store at Tucker Arkansas

The old store seen from Northwest to Southeast. The clump of greenery to the right surrounds the old Tucker Plantation “Big House,” which is standing – with holes in the roof – which means it is on its last legs.

SE Tucker Store Tucker Arkansas

Looking at the store from South to North. You can see the support in place to keep the front standing.

Well folks, some of these epistles have a deeper meaning. This is not one of those. I hope you enjoyed the pictures and minimal verbiage.

Thanks for dropping by,

Joe Dempsey
Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind






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  1. I’m SO happy that the old theater has finally been restored and revived! Good on them! The rest of this week’s offering was good, too. Regards, Weezie

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