A really big show

Suzanne Goulet as LizaasMinelli

Suzanne Goulet, sings and dances her way across the stage of The Community Theatre in Pine Bluff, Arkansas in their show,  Liza and Judy – Together Again. Denise Rose plays Judy Garland, Minelli’s mother.

“Liza and Judy, Together Again”

Interior of the Community Theater

Click the pic to see pix of the theater interior and more show pictures.

Big time entertainment came to LA this weekend. Suzanne Goulet as Liza Minelli, and Denise Rose as Judy Garland presented their show, Liza and Judy – Together Again, at The Community Theatre in Pine Bluff, Arkansas — fresh from Las Vegas.

The theater premises is 125 years old. Jack Stradley and his wife Kathy Majeska recently completed restoration of the old structure — as closely as possible to its first configuration as a theater in 1922. The restoration did not come without its challenges. Get more information on the restoration and see interior theatre pictures as well as additional show pictures on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot-com. We’ll wait here while you look.

Judy Garland tribute singer

Somewhere over the Rainbow was an hit originally and still is.

Denise Rose and Suzanne Goulet

From left, Denise Rose as Judy Garland, and Suzanne Goulet as Liza Minelli are belting out a rousing rendition of Alexander’s Rag Time Band. I was quietly singing it with them as I photographed them. I suspect there were other interlopers in the audience equally as guilty as me in providing unsolicited choral accompaniment.

The Community Theatre

Jack Stradley and Kathy Majewska wanted passers-by to not miss their restored theater. With this festive color scheme, they are getting their wish.

Well, there you have it. Show-biz hits LA — and it is a good thing. We are grateful to Jack Stradley and Kathy Majewska for taking the bold steps to bring live theater to Lower Arkansas. Break-a-leg!

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