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Saenger Theater Pine Bluff AR

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Back in September of 2011, we gave some space to a worthy local campaign to save our largest old down town movie theater, The Saenger. Like many others, “progress” ate The Saenger’s economic lunch and the doors closed after the owners stripped it.

Local theater and historic enthusiasts and some professional volunteers mounted a campaign to save the old girl. The organization collected some money and wound up with more than 2,000 friends on its facebook page. After the dust settled, the theater was finally deeded to to city which is stabilizing it to slow down the inevitable. The appearance now is virtually the same as then.

The Lunchery in Pine Bluff AR

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I shot the old theater as part of a swing through the oldest part of our downtown which is home to a plethora of interesting old buildings, some of which if not attended to are not long for this world.

Click here to see our original September 4, 2011 post. Also see the Corndancer dot-com Photo of the Week page where the story started.

Click here to see 31 pictures of the old buildings, most of which you will not see anywhere else.

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