Tarry at Tarry one more time

Back in the day at Tarry, Arkansas

Thomas Grocery - Tarry Arkansas

Still standing after a lot of years, Thomas Grocery and other scenes around Tarry, Arkansas were our target back in July 2012. Click on the store to see our original post.

Back in July of 2012, I paid a visit to Tarry, Arkansas. I was fortunate on the trip. Trey Gill, a resident of Tarry gave me the proverbial “two-bit” tour including of Tarry, including traipsing through his old barn. We also photographed Thomas Grocery, a still-standing arch-typical southern country store. We were not privy to the inside of the store, but we were able to shoot with reckless abandon on the outside.

See our original July 22, 2012 post and Corndancer story

Thomas Grocery Tarry Arkansas

Click on the store to see two additional store pix plus more at Tarry

See the aforementioned barn in our original July 2012 post. It is huge and more or less skeletal in its current appearance, but there is enough left to give you an idea of what it was in its glory days.

We also show you the old farm corn crib which is as big as some barns we see. A tree is growing just about sideways from under one corner of the crib. To see everything we shot and chronicled on this trip, go the the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot-com. You will see two additional pictures of the store.

To a large segment of our population, what you see in this and our original post — and the original Corndancer story — are three and more generations removed, which in my humble opinion makes it worth the time to take a look.

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Joe Dempsey,
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2 Responses

  1. Going back to the old posts, I imagine you had either lunch or a snack at the West Grocery … and that barn’f framing was quite the sight!

  2. You are right Frank, there are few of those old stores that I did not patronize.

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