A day in LA (Lower Arkansas)

Stearman bi-plane from the front
The annual fall fly-in at Grider Field in Pine Bluff, Arkansas features well restored, fully operational airplanes. One of the favorites is this fine Stearman.

An LA triple play

Belgian Milinois

Click the pooch to more dogs, airplanes, and fun times at Corn Dancer dot-com.

Saturday, September 20, 2014, there was more going on in LA than you could shake a stick at. Grider Field in Pine Bluff hosted a fly-in airshow, the parking lot of Tractor Supply in White Hall hosted a Dog Wash and Bake Sale presented by Pine Bluff Animal Friends, and down the road a piece, in Dumas, Fun Day wrapped up the week-long Ding Dong Days festival.

Now in the overall scheme of things, considering wars, pestilence, politics, IPOs, massive drug raids, NFL miscreants, the heartbreak of psoriasis, and new gadget introductions — these LA happenings may not sound like much — but to those involved, they are a big deal. That said, they are also a big deal to us. Pffffffft to the alleged big issues, full speed ahead in LA.

Before we go much further, we recommend that you check out the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot-com where this tale started. You’ll see airplanes, dogs, and fun times.

The Air Show

The Razorback Chapter of the Experimental Aircraft Association of America hosts an annual fly-in air show at Grider Field in Pine Bluff, Arkansas each September. A regular feature of the event is a gathering of small high-performance aircraft whose pilots demonstrate precision formation flying and sometimes an aerobatics show. It is a great opportunity to see a great performance by skilled airplane drivers, most of whom built their own aircraft from kits.

Precision formation flying

Pilots are showing their well practiced formation flying skills in their custom-built, tricked-out, aerial hot-rods.

BT 13, Stearman and AT-6

The Stearman is framed by the tail of a Vultee BT-13 and the nose of a North American AT-6. All three birds live at Grider Field.

See our previous articles on the airshow:

The Dog Wash

Pine Bluff Animal Friends, a support group for the Pine Bluff Animal Control shelter conducted a Dog Wash / Bake Sale in the parking lot of Tractor Supply at White Hall, Arkansas. The event included dogs available for rescue adoption. Lots of wet noses and wagging tails.

Dog with owner

Fresh from the bath, this pooch appears to be glad the ordeal is done while the mistress is pleased to show off a clean companion.

Adoptable dog in pen

This friendly dog is, like others at the shelter, looking for a home. Our experience with rescue dogs and cats here at the Chez Dempsey is 100% positive.

Puppy in cage

“Please take me home. I promise I’ll be good. Please, please, pretty please,” this puppy seemed to say as his cage framed his face.

Ding Dong Days Fun Day (and a tad more)

The last stop in the LA triple play was Fun Day of the Week long Ding Dong Days festival in Dumas, Arkansas. These folks know how to put on a successful event which is fun for all. The event has everything but the kitchen sink on its agenda: An annual dinner, a parade, a pageant, a 5k run-walk, a barbeque contest, a horseshoe tournament, a cake walk, inflatables, a car show, rock climbing and more. On their web site they say they are a “progressive southern Delta town.” They are telling the truth. We, however have fudged. Three of the pictures below are from Friday, but what the heck, that’s close enough.

Shoe box for kids marchers

Dumas has an active group participating in the Samaritan’s Purse Operation Christmas Child. They have “marching shoe boxes” every year in the parade.

Woman with balloons in Dumas AR parade

What’s a parade without a bunch of balloons. Go girl!

Inflatable Dumas Bobcat

The Ding Dong Days Festival includes the Dumas High School Homecoming festivities. The giant inflatable Dumas Bobcat adds immeasurable panache to the parade.

three kids on rock climbing obstacle

These three intrepid rock climbers show their stuff at Ding Dong Days Fun Day.

Ding Dong Days Jr. Eating Champion

The Ding Dong Days Junior Eating Champion has a full tummy, a tee shirt and a fat check for his winning efforts.

The Road Kill Grill

Folks, it don’t git much more southern than this. American flags, winners flag, sweet tea, lemonade and a youngster with a “basket” of sumpin’ fried, with the “Road Kill Grill” in the background.  (Please forgive the gratuitous colloquialism. Under the circumstances, it just seemed correct-like).

Ding Dong Days picture galleries

See the Dumas web site parade and fun day galleries for the bigger visual story. Click below to suit your fancy.

There you have it in a shade less than a 100 mile round trip, a taste of a day in LA. Ain’t life grand?!

Thanks for dropping by,

Joe Dempsey,
Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind



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  1. Obviously LA is the place to be … and gotta love Ding Dong Days.

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