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Click on the Chinese Swan Goose to see more and ready our original  June 2013 story.

Click on the Chinese Swan Goose to see more goose pix and read our original June 2013 story.

Back in June of 2013, our Weekly Grist and Corndancer combo was headlined by a couple of big birds, a big ol’ goose here on Weekly Grist and a big ol’ osprey at Corndancer. We are sending you back to take a second look at our fine feathered friends. In our Corndancer article you’ll see several pictures of the osprey. In our original Weekly Grist article you get several goose glimpses plus a look at a dragon fly, a squirrel, a dog and a small aggregation of curious Black Angus cattle.

Osprey guarding its nest

Click on the osprey to see in-flight pictures and menacing osprey stares.

While all we had to do was show up and aim for our goose pictures, the images of the osprey we show on our Corndancer Photo of the Week page were pure luck. But then I always maintain that I would rather be lucky than good any day of the week.

Though we were in a boat, we wandered a tad closer to the osprey’s nest than the osprey thought was proper which spurred the big bird to action.

The bird’s answer to our unwelcome intrusion was to become airborne and give us nasty stares, a condition we relished. You can relish the same on our June 23, 2013 Corndancer Photo of the Week page.

Thanks for looking.

Joe Dempsey,
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