Daylight for the un-selected

sand trap blast shot

The trick in shooting sand blast shots is to depress the shutter the instant the player begins his downswing. Actually a micro-second before would be cool , but most golfers do not want to hear a shutter snap before the downswing starts and most courses will not tolerate pre downswing shots. In this case, following the rules, I managed to grab a couple of Jimmy Hendrick’s shots with ball and sand splatter. Fun stuff.

Cool rejects

In sports photography many, many are shot – but few are selected. I shoot, editors edit. No argument there. A lot of the time, the rejects aren’t really rejects, but cool shots which were not selected. Today you will see the unselected from a recent tournament assignment at Harbor Oaks Golf Club in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

golfer blasting from sand trap

One frame past the first sand blast shot..

Golfer blasting from sand trap

Click the picture to see more from this shoot

I have this thing about catching the ball in the air, so you are about to see several. You can see even more from this shoot on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot-com. Click go, and we’ll wait here for your return.

Speaking of catching the ball in the air, in most sports shots, the general rule for me is to push the shutter button just a bit before the action starts.

In noisy team sports that is not an issue, but in golf, the sound of shutter click is not welcome preceding the start of the player’s downswing. It will get you some nasty stares and in some venues, a forceful admonition to vacate the premises.

golfer making approach shot

Keeping his eye on the ball during a nice approach shot,

Close in iron shot

It’s always fun to capture the ball just inches from the club.

Chip shot close to the green

Here’s another close-to-the-club chip shot capture.

Same dude with a down-side-of-the-berm approach shot to a the green just a few feet away,

Same dude with a down-side-of-the-berm approach shot to a the green just a few feet away.

Chip shot to the green

This shot gives the impression that our favorite dude has just laid an egg.

golfer making tee shot

Here’s my friend Greg Walker, with his driver, his tee, and his ball – a microsecond after they became one.

Well, there you have it. 15 minutes of fame for the previously unpublished. There is no moral of the story or deeper meaning.  Unless you can conjure one up. See you next week.

Thanks for looking,

Joe Dempsey

Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind


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