The answer to Lotus deprivation

American Lotus bloom

This American Lotus bloom in 2013, from my favorite Lotus laden pond, was one among many. The 2014 and 2015 Lotus blooming seasons in said pond have not been as prolific, leaving yours truly with a serious case of Lotus deprivation.  Click here or on the picture to see our original 2013 post.

Way back to August 2013

The late spring and summer of 2015 is the second such season in a row that I have experienced disappointment with Mother Nature’s quirky behavior.

During the same months of 2013, my favorite colony of American Lotus (AKA Water Lily) held forth with an abundance of of blooms, followed by Lotus baby-making pods. Click here to see the 2013 pictures.

FYI, the colony sits in a pond in the southeast corner of the junction of I-530 and South Hazel Street in Pine Bluff. Arkansas in full view of passing motorists whom I suspect barely notice the blooms in a good year and not at all in the poor years of our most recent experience.

Click the pic to see more blooms and seed pods at Corndancer dot-com

Click the pic to see more blooms and seed pods at Corndancer dot-com

During the 2014 season, there was a decided lack of precipitation leading to a puny pond which proffered only a pitiful performance by the colony. I watched with eager anticipation as the frequent and voluminous of 2015 maxed out the water level in the pond – all to no avail, Lotus wise. The rub was, the conditions also maxed out some sort of evil water weed which apparently all but choked out the Lotus performance. I saw a couple of blooms only.

So, suffering extreme Lotus deprivation, I am winging us back to August 2013 to see the waning moments of that fine season. Also be sure and see t the comments and pictures for this story on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot-com.

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