One never knows, do one?

Two column grave stone

Beneath this disassembled headstone west of Varner, Arkansas lie three members of the Kersh family, interred in 1868, 1886, and 1889. The capital that originally went across the columns lies in front of the marker. There are a few other graves in this cemetery. For reasons unknown the cemetery apparently fell in disfavor with those looking for a final resting place back in the day. This is not my first time to shoot here and it is always well taken care of.

combine harvesting corn

Click on the combine to see the first part of this story – crops on parade, so-to-speak.

The words of the immortal and well-admired Fats Waller, “One never knows do one?” pretty well summarizes what you find on a random swing through the Delta. Recently I made such a trip to record early seasonal change harbingers in the agriculture neighborhoods of LA (lower Arkansas).

I found what I was looking for which you can see on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot-com. Take a look and we’ll wait here for your return.

What you see here, is the other stuff that always shows up and makes life interesting. The trip, for local information,  was entirely in the confines of northern Lincoln County. The pictures are in order of shooting.

Abandoned farm house

A bit down the gravel road from the cemetery I found this abandoned farm house. The site is complete with a large “home-place tree,” universally found on abandoned residential plots in the Delta. In most cases, the trees well outlast the residences.

A home-place tree

A case in point. This is no doubt a “home-place tree” which has outlasted the residence for which it provided shade and comfort.

Four mallard hens

After a spate of “nothing-out-of-the-ordinary” countryside, I rounded a curve and found a pond with some mallard hens and white goose. Ducks in southeast Arkansas inherently distrust good-ol’-boys in a pickup so this fleeting shot was all I could get before they completely showed me their tail feathers.

Goose swimming

The goose was a tad more cooperative, but not overly so.

John Deere A model tractor

I found this John Deere A model tractor sitting at an unoccupied farm house. The late afternoon sun turbo-boosts the warm colors.

John Deer A with crepe myrtle trees

I’m almost certain that when the tractor was parked that positioning it to be framed by the crepe myrtle trees was not intentional. Nevertheless the arrangement is very way cool.

sidewalk and steps

What used to be — chances are that a residence was here and burned. Someone thinks enough of the former home to take care of the site, a good thing, since it reminds us to treasure those things of true value.

After this, it was time to repair to the intergalactic headquarters of the Dempsey empire for supper and picture processing. To my delight, I found a chocolate cake freshly prepared by my spousal unit. I hope you enjoyed this outing as much as I did finding all this stuff — and hope there’s a chocolate cake in your near future.

Thanks for looking,

Joe Dempsey

Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind


One Response

  1. Love that tractor. Wish someone would claim and shelter it. Classic.
    Sometimes around the homestead tree are some of the hardy flowers some landowner planted. Some of the plants are considered rare heritage quality – preferable to newer hybrids. People around here will go searching for them and take cuttings or seeds back with them.
    Enjoyed traveling along

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