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Cotton Belt Engine 819

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Of all things that could enter your mind as having been manufactured in LA (lower Arkansas), steam locomotives would probably wallow at the bottom of your list. That guess would be wrong. The former Cotton Belt Route railroad built a lot of steam locomotives here.

Among the last ones built were ten “800”series 4-8-4 steam locomotives in the early forties. Ten kissing cousin locomotives were built about the same time in the Baldwin Locomotive Works in Eddystone, Pennsylvania.

Of those twenty iron horses just one still survives – and it lives in the Arkansas Railroad Museum here in Pine Bluff, Arkansas. You can see and touch it there.

Antique railroad snow plow

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In October of 2013, my grandson and I visited the museum and drooled over the locomotive along with a few of the hundreds of other railroad artifacts in the museum. These objects run the gamut from a single railroad spike to a some additional locomotives.The museum is a treasure trove of railroad history.

This week, we are sending you back to our report of that trip. Click here to see our original October 23, 2015 story and pictures. To see more of the same story and other railroad pictures go to the Corndancer Photo of the Week page and dig-in.

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