Green thoughts during the brown season

Water tower at Lake Dick AR

Click on the tower to see our  original  November 24, 2013 therapeutic post.

Here in LA, in 20123, winter arrived just about on time as expected – in late November. The rub was, it arrived in full force with high teens at night and on the 24th of November a high of 32.

That probably sounds like puny, anemic winter performance to our friends a bit further north, but in Lower Arkansas, it’s dang near birth shock after a long spate of balmy fall days. To ameliorate these deplorable conditions as best I could, that week I wrote about more favorable meteorological conditions.

This week we serve up our post of that November 2013 week as a reminder that Jack Frost and his band of villainous icemen are sharpening their teeth in anticipation of their arrival here in the beloved hinterlands of LA. In this post we take a couple of looks at my favorite water tower at Lake Dick, Arkansas, a lady bug in a wheat field and other non-frigid subject matter.

hollow cypress tree

Click on the hollow tree to see more pix and the rest of the story.

That week at our sister on-line publication, the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot-com, we looked at another old favorite, to wit: a fine old hollow cypress tree and other reminders of warmer days. Be sure and take a look at the pictures there in our “Think Green” epistle as we address the bone-chilling conditions of those days with warmer words and imagery.

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Joe Dempsey
Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind

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