Nine months later redux

camel at New Orleans Zoo

We had high hopes that perhaps this camel at the New Orleans Zoo had survived Katrina, if old age had not made its claim first. Click on the camel to see our original post.

Back in April, 2006, nine months after Katrina hit New Orleans with her malevolent pass-through and subsequent flooding, a couple of friends and me, Dick Warriner and the late Dick DeWoody hit the road for New Orleans.

It was a road trip we had made for several years. We would land in the Crescent City, volunteer in the French Quarter Fest for four hours and spend the rest of the stay poking around the French Quarter.

This year was somewhat different but not as much as we expected.  The festival went on.The crowds were more than we expected.

The merriment at the festival did not dim or seem diminished. After what the city had been through, one would suppose a weekend of revelry would be in order to help get things pointed in the right direction.

man eating po' boy sandwich

Click on the sandwich dude for more of this ‘Nawlins trip.

Most of the festival is conducted in the French Quarter which the original settlers in the area found be the highest ground in many a mile. Turns out it still was and despite Katrina’s hammering, the ‘quarter’ took the least lick in the city. Those original folks were on to something that later developers apparently ignored.

On the way out of town, we made a photo swing through the lower ninth ward which took the worst licks from Katrina. It was not pretty, but it is reality. Take a look at our April 2006 trip to see what we saw. Also be sure to check out our Corndancer Photo of the Week page for that trip to see even more of what we saw.

katrina storm damage

Here’s one look at Katrina damage in the Ninth Ward. Click on the picture to see more in our original post.

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