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Dog-trot house near Rison Arkansas

Click on the house to see our original Nov. 25, 2012 Weekly Grist post.

In 2010, against all odds of success and a plethora of “it can’t be done” advice, my friend Bob Abbott decided to have his grandfather’s old dogtrot house at Smead, Arkansas jacked up and moved 47 miles to his property on Pumpkin Hill Road near Rison, Arkansas.

Once the parts were in place expert “forensic” carpenters would reassemble and restore the old structure.  It should be mentioned here that failure is never an option with Bob. Given that qualifier, there were certain of his friends, yours truly included, who believed that it was just a matter of time until the old structure was indeed restored and standing proud on Pumpkin Hill Road.

Sure enough, a couple of years later, the job was done. The new dog-trot accurately resembles the old dogtrot with its original breezeway open to permit, well, breeze – and light. Like many dogtrots, in later life, the original breezeway was closed to make another room. Replete with fence and a well structure in the front yard, the new one is a dead ringer for the old one back in its glory days.

The new dogtrot gives us a good glimpse of dogtrot living. See our original Nov. 25, 2012 post and look at detailed pictures of rooms in the house and the dog trot breezeway plus an outside view.

dog-trot house on pumpkin hill road

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Also be sure and see our original Corndancer Photo of the Week page for two more outside views of the house and other features of the property including an executive rail car permanently relocated on the same property and a neat pond reflection.

Just shows what can be done when a good person makes up his mind.

Pumpkin Hill Gallery

We have created a special gallery of 19 pictures with other views of the place on Pumpkin Hill Road plus the pics you see here with larger and better resolution than normal web presentation.

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