Flowers and felines

Flowering camellia

This is our second camellia, the one with ruffles. It resides in the front yard, next to the house. This year it is in sync with our camellia outside our kitchen widow – just a few feet away – which seems to get all the praise. I suppose that’s because we do not have to venture outside to see the kitchen window one. If plants could talk, the one would rightly accuse us of favoritism in the third degree.

Russian Blue cat

Click the pic to see Katy, our nearly-all-Russian Blue – and more flowers at Corndancer dot-com

The camellias in our front yard are our notice that the light at the faraway end of the cold, cold tunnel is spring. It is a gesture we welcome. So notified, on an unusual, muggy 70-degree February day, I went to the front yard to document the notification.

As I went about my self-appointed duties, two of our cats, Nikon and Katy, decided to be close observers. This time, their curiosity outsmarted them.

As all cat owners can tell you, when they are the most photogenic, they immediately exit that mode, the second a camera shows up on the scene. Not so when their curiosity overrides their persnickety mode.You can see more of the cats and more flowers on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot-com.

American Long Hair cat

Nikon, our giant American Longhair, joined me as I laid on my front side to photograph Spring Beauties at ground level. You can see another view with him looking in the lens on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot-com.

Spring Beauty flower

This Spring Beauty is probably no larger than a quarter-inch across. Macro optics give us the opportunity to see its dazzling details up close and personal. Nikon the cat was the photo assistant for this capture.


This is a young bloom on our kitchen-window-camellia. It will continue to unfold until it peaks out and then in a few days, it will drop to Mother Earth.

White flower

I’m not sure what the identifier is for this poesy, but in this mode, it reminds me of the famous Marilyn Monroe image over the sidewalk grating.

Jonquil bloom

I thought this might be the lone jonquil in my neighbor’s yard. Then her husband stepped outside to walk the dog and told me where to find a few more. You can see those on the Photo of the Week page at  Our jonquils are not yet in turbo-mode. When they get there, they will not be difficult to spot by any stretch of the imagination.

Thanks for looking at our first spring images and tales. If you are farther north than us, what you see here gives you hope: it’s coming your way. For those of us down here in LA, it’s nearly “good riddance” to winter.

Thanks for looking,
Joe Dempsey
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