Bye-bye hoops, hello diamond

Basketball player going for a layup

Going for two in a recent state championship game. The game was ‘hard-fought’ and the red team (not the home team for us here in LA) took the honors from the defending state champs, our guys.

Umpire, ctcher and runner at home plate

Click on the umpire to see more hoops and baseball action shots.

‘Tis the overlap season. Amateur basketball is winding down and baseball season is getting cranked up to full speed. After next week, hoop fans will go into withdrawal symptoms until next fall while baseball fans are reveling with delight. This week we will take an up close and personal look at recent images from both sports, good, bad and ugly. Speaking of which, you can see more hoops/baseball action shots on the Photo of the Week Page at Corndancer dot com. Take a gander and we’ll wait here for your return.

Runner approaching first base

The runner won this race and was safe at first base. The pitcher is performing as expected,  giving backup to the first baseman. The white team, the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff eventually won a big victory over Prairie View A&M, the purple/gray team.

Catcher drops ball at home plate after tagging a runner out

Everything was going well for the catcher. He caught the ball and tagged the runner out at home plate. And immediately dropped the ball converting an out for him into a run for the other guys. Sometimes, it just ain’t your day.

Bundled up fans at a cold baseball game

Though baseball is traditionally considered to be a spring and summer sport, temps in the low fifties and upper forties fortified with a stiff breeze forced these fans to take cover March 20 during a game between the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff and Prairie View A&M. I was bundled up like a sore thumb while shooting the game and still felt the chill winds more than I would have liked.

Runner sliding into third base

This is a good ol’ third base slide. The runner, confidentially the third baseman for the visiting team, was safe but all to no avail. The home team won by a comfortable margin.

Basketball player making fall away shot.

The last hurrah for hoops at Weekly Grist until fall. The ball fell successfully for the shooter and he drew a foul in the process — and walked away three points to the better.

While basketball fans will soon start crying in their beer, baseball fan are rejoicing. In the fall, their roles will reverse. And life goes on. Here at the Chez Dempsey, we are looking forward to fuhbaw season, our sport of choice, and just now are recovering from post-superbowl withdrawal symptoms.

Thanks for looking,

Thanks for looking,
Joe Dempsey
Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind







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