The underbelly of Highway 7

Old country store on the southern section of Arkansas HIghway 7

This old establishment is the quintessential mom and pop country store, or at least gives that appearance being connected to the family residence. It was probably the social epicenter of the hamlet in which it resides. A card on the front door identifies it as a former wildlife check-in station for hunters. It also has an old tube and tire patching press attached to the front of the premises.

one lane bridge across Ouachita River

Click on the bridge to see more Highway 7 pictures.

In Arkansas Highway 7, in its northern stretches, slithers through some of the finest views of the Ozark Mountains upon which one my lay his or her peepers. Almost completely forgotten is a stretch of Highway 7 that winds its way through the cypress-lined Ouachita River bottoms from Camden to Sparkman. Today, we take a few glimpses of what we found while recently traveling the road. Along those lines, we suggest checking out the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot-com where you’ll see other pictures of the area including a one-lane bridge across the Ouachita River.

tire patching press at old country store

Here’s a close-up of the old tire and tube patching press attached to the peeled-paint store premises.

Scarecrow and roto tiller in garden

Not far from the old store/station a resident is getting ready to prep the soil and plant the family garden. The roto-tiller stands ready as does what appears to be last year’s scarecrow.

large old barn

A few miles more and we stumbled across this well-weathered old barn replete with a now roofless shed attached. Perhaps it is a piece of the former roof leaning against the front of the barn.

Town limits sign at Amy Arkansas

If your name happens to be Amy, take heart, there’s a town in Arkansas named after you.

old yellow brick building

Here is a former commercial building of some sort constructed with large yellow bricks. At some time in the past these bricks were in vogue, but apparently not for long.

Budding tree

Just outside Sparkman on the return trip I found this really cool looking tree full of tiny buds straining to burst forth with spring vigor.

In contrast to the upper stretches, this section of Highway 7 is as flat as a pancake and offers a glimpse of southern rural America, a refreshing change from lots of asphalt and obnoxious traffic.

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