Azaelas up close and personal

Closeup picture of azalea in Pine Bluff Arkansas

At long last, the azaleas have exploded in our azalea rich neighborhood. Their appearance was agonizingly slow – like molasses running uphill in January. Now all of a sudden the fickle plants make their presence known in a big way.

 Our azaleas have joined blooming neighborhood Dogwoods and camellias in their decoration of the macro environment. It is not often that all three are a blooming simultaneously. Perhaps it is a harbinger of a good rest-of-the-year.

Three pink azalea blooms

Click on the blooms to see more azaleas at Corndancer dot-com.

We are giving you an up close and personal look at the azalea blooms since kneeling and squatting are not the norm for observing flowering plants. Be sure and see more of the Dempsey azaleas on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot-com.  We are not captioning these pictures, the blooms speak for themselves.

Azalea bloom closeup

Vertical closeup of pink azalea


Freckled zalea bloom closeup

Freckled zalea bloom tight closeup

Red azalea closeup

‘Nuff sed.

Thanks for looking,
Joe Dempsey
Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind

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