Flight of the Bull Dogs

RV aircraft of the Bull Dog filght fly by

The Bull Dogs, in tight formation do a roaring high-speed fly-by much to the delight of the Grider Field air show spectators.

Curtis Wright B-14

See more of the air show including this fully operational 1932 Curtis Wright B14 on the Photo of the Week Page at Corndancer dotd-com.

The Bull Dogs, a precision flying group led by Gerald Lloyd of Dumas, Arkansas, headlined a recent air show on Grider Field at the Pine Bluff Regional Airport. In fine southern and LA tradition, the show included a BBQ Chicken dinner prepared by Tyson Foods. Sales of the meals benefited the new and developing Grider Field Museum, a entity which will feature aviation memorabilia, in particular, the history of Grider Field, a major pilot basic training facility in World War II.

Speaking of airplanes, be sure and check out the pristine Curtis-Wright B-14 also at the air show. See it on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot-com.

The Bull Dogs fly RV kit aircraft and for the most part, participating pilots have built their own aircraft. Once they are built, and yearly, they are subject to the same FAA scrutiny as commercially manufactured planes.

The Bull Dogs in formation

The Bull Dogs fly by in one of their precision formations. The pilots are all volunteers and have other day-jobs or economic pursuits. They put in long hours of practice for the love of aviation and flying. Most of them have thousands of flying hours.

Bull Dog airplane team in formation

The Bull Dogs make a second fly-by in another permutation of the first formation.

Two Bull Dog pilots flying over under

Two of the Bull Dogs do an over-under fly by. The dude on the bottom has to remember his stick directions are reversed. So far, so good.

Two Bull Dog Flight aircraft

Our over-under guys take an aerial bow.

RV aircraft cockpit

Size does not matter in the seriousness of aircraft. RV airplanes though small in size are serious airplanes as one can easily judge by glancing at the cockpit.

Aerobatics follow

The following pictures are of aerobatics in the show. Being poorly qualified to comment on the goings-on, we will let the pictures speak for themselves. However, I suppose it is safe to say that this is not the dude’s first rodeo.








Thanks for looking.

Joe Dempsey
Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind










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