Ding Dong Days and muddy ways

An old fire truck in a parade

This old Ford fire truck is gussied up to the point of mimicking its former glory in active service. The event is the Ding Dong Days in Dumas parade, a part of a two day festival in Dumas, Arkansas. I could be wrong, but I believe it is a 1946 model.

Bull Mastiff dog

Click on the dog for more Ding Dong Days pix

This week we do not travel to Dumas, Arkansas as planned, to shoot the Ding Dong Days in Dumas festival. In my other life, a requirement to create and have complete a six-panel brochure by Sunday evening trumped the trip.

However, all was not lost. Turns out my son, Ralph Douglas “Doug” Dempsey and his family made the trip. Doug is a photographer, (like his father, among other things) and agreed to furnish images to his dear old dad for this week’s Grist. See more of Doug’s Ding Dong Days pictures on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot-com where this story started.

Since I could not attend the event, any comments I make regarding the proceedings would fall way shy of satisfactory in the truth and veracity test results. Therefore I am limiting my commentary to remarks in picture captions. This will probably make understanding the gist of the thing easier on my fellow former Infantry officers.

Cars on display

Among other things, Ding Dong Days usually includes a good car show. This year was no exception. I thought this dude had his act together by using a wagon of nearly the same vintage as his car as part of the display.

1960 John Deere 530 tractor

The event draws participants from far and wide. This pristine, restored 1960 John Deere 530 and it’s owner, Jack Abernathy, hail from Bauxite, Arkansas, easily two hours or more from Dumas. The sign on the tractor says 415 of this model were made.

Henna tatoo booth

The young lady to the left is Granddaughter No. 5 (of six). Next to her is Granddaughter No. 4. They are in a henna tattoo booth at Ding Dong Days. No. 5 looks serious in this shot which is uncharacteristic. She normally has a smile on her face in the default mode.

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