A Twist of fate again

Thunderhead near Twist, Arkansas

Click on the cloud for the original May 23, 2010 post.

Reverend Washingtons Angel

Click on the Angel for the whole, really cool, story.

You have to go out of your way to find Twist, Arkansas. When you see a sign that says Twist with an arrow pointing right, you follow your whimsy and make the turn. I did that back in May 2010 when I did the original “Twist of Fate” post.

This week we are revisiting that post where we saw the great thunderhead to your left, discovered how B.B. King came to name all of his guitars Lucille, saw a building consumed by ivy  − and saw a Angel in a bean field.

Finding the Angel was the big deal of the day, since one simply does not expect to happen across a giant Angel in a remote bean field in Northeast Arkansas. You’ll have to go to Corndancer dot-com to get the whole story on the Angel in the bean field. It’s worth the trip.

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