It’s snowing in L.A.

Lower Arkansas gets big snow job

Donkeys in a snow storm

Two of these donkeys paid attention. The others mooned me.

While others prefer a recliner in front of a big screen TV with the crackling comfort of a nearby fireplace during a snow storm, I take the opposite tack. For me, it is time to get off one’s duff, grab the “kodak” and head out since L.A. (lower Arkansas) does not often get a snow like the one we had the last week of February 2015. There was about a six to seven inch accumulation. While I realize this is puny compared to what has been experienced in northern climes, around here, “it’s a biggun.” As a result, most folks hunker down after they have participated in the desperate run that empties most store shelves of bread and milk.

Pasture fence posts in a snowstorm

Click on the fence posts for more snow pix and stories.

That leaves the streets and most photographic snow covered target areas more or less abandoned, a desirable set of conditions for my purposes. It appeared that the storm would last around four hours or so which afforded plenty of time to run the best visual traps.

Our pictures are in two on-line locations. You can see the other pictures from this trip on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot-com. Take a look and we’ll still be here when you return.

Long horn cattle

These Texas Longnorn cattle live in the same pasture as the donkeys. I shot this later after the snow stopped.

Long horn at hay station

Here’s big-daddy Longhorn giving us his opinion of this invasion of privacy.

Pine trees covered with snow

Not far from the donkeys and longhorns, these Pine trees hang slightly over the road. The snow was falling hard when I shot this.

snow covered trees

These snow covered trees on the road to the donkeys are shall we say “bleak beauty?”

UP locomotive in snow
This locomotive pulls its load through the city during the snow. It takes more than a few snowflakes to stop a train.

Preferred squirrel

In the next five pictures a fox squirrel with whom we share residential space descends from his tree, retrieves an acorn and munches out. He repeated the munch-out procedure on a number of acorns.  My spousal unit provides our squirrels and birds with seed on a regular basis and this particular squirrel has become friendly in the process. He has achieved “preferred squirrel” status.

Squirrel descending tree

OK, the coast is clear

Squirrel in snow

He’s on the trail of an acorn.

Squirrel with acorn

The boy finds his acorn.

Squirrel looking for food

“Dear Lord please let me find another acorn.”

Squirrel looking for food

“My prayers are answered.”

There you have it. You have ventured forth into the bowels of a snowstorm without leaving the comfort of your home or office. It’s a cold, wet job that I will gladly do for you again when afforded the opportunity.

See all 30 pictures from our Snow Day in LA shoot in our Snow in LA Gallery.

Thanks for looking.

Joe Dempsey,
Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind





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  1. I’d say the one thing that makes such a winter bearable (we can’t work & when we don’t work we don’t earn – novel concept Huh?) is that it just so beautiful. Love the squirrel! I know some people dislike them and call them “tree rats” but they are so darn cute especially these photos!

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