Things got ugly

Blooming american lotus

Click on the flower to see our original August 2013 post.

In August of 2013, the American Lotus colony I had watched and photographed as it cruised through it’s short life cycle was in the final throes of its blooming stage and right before the time to transmogrify to its primordial scary mode.

The huge blooms would become alien seed pods that sported a ghoulish green monster countenance — like a perforated mushroom on bad steroids with a dozen evil eyes — that was licking its chops to lure, hypnotize and devour your cat.

The verdant “lily pad” leaves would become ugly brown cocoon-like monsters exuding the crunchy specter of a burrito overcooked two hours in a nasty microwave. Though all that sounds bad, it is a Mother Nature deal. She relishes in lofty contrast to tease and confuse us mere mortals — and to remind us that she does not play by our rules.

American Louts seed pod

Click on the seed pod for more pictures and a story.

To perfect her circle of confusion, Mother Nature goads the magnificent Lotus bloom return engagement in late spring the next year. But she changed the rules again and let her rain deprivation give preference to some invasive weeds that nearly choked out the Lotus colony the next year. It still has not recovered. That said, this week we return the the last last-hurrah of any significance at the Lotus colony. Be sure and see the rest of the story on the Corndancer dot-com  Photo of the Week page for more pictures of the Lotus and its transmogrification.

Thanks for looking,
Joe Dempsey
Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind




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