Vertical snow and ignored posie

Snow on sides of trees

This weird snow storm blew in so hard it did not have time to deposit its load of flakes on the ground, only to trees which stood in its path. This is the area known as “the park,” at Davis Life Care Center in Pine Bluff, Arkansas.

A couple of days after Christmas 2012, here in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, we were on the business end of a mini-blizzard. I use the word “blizzard” with tongue deeply imbedded in cheek. To those who regularly experience real blizzards, this event would hardly raise an eyebrow if it was even noticed. Around here however, when the temperature plunges, the winds pipe up to tree bending conditions and there is snow, it’s a blizzard. And the stores run out of milk and bread.


Click on the field to see the lucky picture.

The winds were so strong, there was little if any snow accumulation on the ground, but there was an inch or so plastered to trees in the path of the wintery blast. All of which translated to photo-op. The timing was key to this image. A couple of hours or so later, the snow had melted and we were back to the default, snowless, winter scenery.

The key to this picture was being there at just the right time. That’s the subject our discourse and pictures on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot-com.

Equal time

For those of you who have followed these pages for a while, you will agree that one of my favorite, and perhaps most worn-out diatribes, recurs when my favorite front-yard red camellia blooms. If you haven’t followed long enough to be assaulted by the camellia stories, stick around. You will be.

This week, I am giving equal time to our previously ignored pink camellia. It is a glorious posie and I should go stand in the corner for ignoring it. Hopefully this exposure will be sufficient amends.

Pink camellia

I have previously ignored this showing pink camellia in favor overkill showing of our red one. Can’t explain it because I have always believed that real men do like pink.

Pink camellia.

A profile view of the pink camellia.

Wild flowers

Along the previous lines of “just in time,” the day after I shot these flowers, a riding mower converted them to smithereens.

Though there was little if any spectacular news or deep insight to reveal in this edition of Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind, I do appreciate you reading this far.

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Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind.

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