Pictures from a mediocre snow

Snow pictures in spite of the snow

Du Bocage in Pine Bluff Arkansas

Though the snow was mediocre, the beauty of Du Bocage, a restored mid-19th century residence here in Pine Bluff, Arkansas comes shining though. Click on the picture to see Du Bocage greened out in the spring at Corndancer dot-com.

Measurable snow here in LA does not occur every year. Most of the time our snow events are little more than a slight dusting which is still more than enough to send throngs shopping for milk and bread. There is something in the air here in LA (lower Arkansas) which alters otherwise sensible genetic code into believing that the light sprinklings we are subject to will have catastrophic results tantamount to a Yukon whiteout.

On the occasions when we do get measurable snow, one or two inches is the norm. Enough to let you know it snowed, but not enough to give you the visions of a gently undulating white landscape unencumbered by weed and other flotsam and jetsam poking through the white carpet. On most of our snows, the uglies still poke through the otherwise idyllic mantel. Our last, and the snow subject of this epistle was one of those.

Park bench and sign in snow

Click on the bench for more snow pictures.

Such was the event we had earlier this week, which means good snow pictures are hard to come by. These few are what we managed to scrape up. Speaking of which, you can see five more snow pictures including critters and tongue-in-cheek attempts at humor  on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot-com. We’ll wait here while you look.

Crepe myrtle in snow

This crepe myrtle at Harbor Oaks Golf Club in Pine Bluff with a few mini-crowns of snow is itching for spring. Be patient though. Crepe Myrtles are usually the last trees to fully respond to spring. The new growth from its last pruning will give the tree a nice shape.

Prickly pear cactus in snow

Normally when you see a cactus, you expect to see a Tarantula or a Hila Monster, juxtaposed on hot dry sand. This healthy prickly pear in Pine Bluff  breaks the mold.

Pategonian water dog

When the trip was finished, as I was pulling into the Chez Dempsey driveway, I was greeted by Rubenstein Tuesday Leola Glover-Dempsey, AKA Ruby, our latest Pategonian Water Dog. Ruby is a fine pet, never meets a stranger, and has two speeds — 0ff and wide open — a big part of her overwhelming  and endearing charm.

I suppose bemoaning a snow may be deplorable, but then we all have our personal defects. On the bright side, while a two inch snow shut Atlanta down, Pine Bluff took the same lickin’ and kept on tickin.’

Thanks for looking,

Joe Dempsey
Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind


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