Sweetheart dogs

lhasa-aatso show dog, stryker

Stryker, a Lhasa Atso, a breed orginating in Tibet is dolled up and ready. Stryker was shown by Sue Cannimore from Terry, Missippi.

The annual Sweetheart Dog Show

Each February the Southeast Arkansas Kennel Club hosts the “Sweetheart Dog Show” which attracts  partcipants far and wide. You see dogs you couldn’t imagine even existed.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Click on the nice doggie to see more pictures from the dog show

Though they are show dogs of the highest order, most if not all are well behaved, friendly and love human attention. Unlike human superstars, they are not tainted by success and remain true to form as man’s best friend. We are fortunate have access to photograph the proceedings and interview participants.

We were fortunate enough to have access to the show floor and preparation areas for pictures and interviews. If you like dogs, this story is right down your alley. See even more dogs from this event on the Photo of the Week page at Corndancer dot com.

lhasa-aatso-stryker and groom

Stryker kept his cool as Sue Cannimore from Terry, Mississppi gives him the finishing touches before he strutted in the big time.

bouvier-desflander dog and handler

Jager, a Bouvier Desflander, literally, “Dog of Flanders,” ater his makeover by his handler/groomer, Greg Reyna. Jager is a big friendly boy. His success as a showdog has not gone to his head. He won his class on Saturday and was in the running for top honors Sunday.


Tibetan Terrier, Dymer, recently groomed by Bryan Leonard of Hot Springs, Arkansas, puts a curious eye in my direction.

Shih-Tzu dog

Honey, a Shih Tzu, peers at me over her snout coiffure. Greg Larson, of somewhere in Minnesota, did the honors on her appearance.

Yorkies and Shih Tzu

Yorkshire Terriers Vanessa and Fire, join Honey the Shih Tzu showing off their makeovers at the hands of Greg Larson.

spinone italiano dog

Flash,a Spinone Italiano, made the trip from Springfield, Missouri with his human, Mattie Cobban. Mattie explained that the Spinone was an old breed and originally served families as a hunting dog, a retriever, or a sniffer, essentially whatever you needed, this dog could handle it. The breed can be traced back to Biblical times.


Tibetan Spaniel Sammy, decided to lay down on the job during for this part of the shoot. His human is Lori Kopreski of Sherwood, Arkansas.

Afgan Hound

A nice Afghan Hound waiting to show off in front of the judges.

American Coon Hound

Money, an American Coon Hound, gets loving attention from his groomer, April. Money hails from Southwind Coonhounds of Pearcy, Arkansas, home of “Elvis,” the American Coonhound who won best of breed at the 2011 Sweet Heart Dog Show. A week later he also won best of breed in the Holy Grail of dog shows, Westminster. Ray Lee Reynolds of Southwind tells us that Elvis now is active in fundraising with the American Cancer Society. Money, following in the footprints of Elvis, won best of breed this year at the Sweetheart Dog Show.

saluki dog

Ally, a Saluki hails from Pearland, Texas, south of Houston. Gerry Thornton, Ally’s human explained that the Saluki origianted in what is today Saudi Arabia and is the oldest breed of dog. Salukis were originally bred to chase down, kill, and return Gazelles to their families for food. The Salukis did not eat the prey during the return trip and were accepted as family members, rather than as animal add-ons. Ally was the big winner of the show!

Australian Shepherd

When I visited with Erin Holley of Hot Springs, Arkansas as I photographed Prissy, her perky Australian Shepherd, I mused that the Prissy had two speeds, off and wide-open. Erin agreed with my assessment for her turbo-dog.

Rough Collie

Rough Collie, River. His human is Shirley Daughtery of Greenbrier, Arkansas. River was not interested in me until Shirley moved to my side.

large newfoundland dog

Virgil, a Newfoundland under the care of Bonnie Bennett of Cabot, Arkansas, spins the dial on the scales to 145 fuzzy canine pounds.

Crate with large and small dog inside

Dogs are not picky about their friendships. Here big ol’ and tiny are making it just fine. I never figured out the headdress on big ol’.

See all 44 of our “keeper” pictures in our 2014 Sweetheart Dog Show Gallery. You may also enjoy our 2011 Sweetheart Dog Show gallery as well.

If there is a dog show nearby and your attitude needs improvement, seek out the show and make an appearance. In the words of Henny Youngman, “It can’t hurt!” Thanks for looking.

Joe Dempsey
Weekly Grist for the Eyes and Mind



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  1. These are wonderful dogs, Joe but my wife is looking for a Pomeranian like ours. Perhaps the Newfoundland ate it?

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